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Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC). The Office of Procurement supports the purchasing and contracting activities for Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport, as well as the five RI general aviation Airports: Block Island, Newport, North Central, Quonset, and Westerly.

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New Solicitations

Opening DateNumberDescriptionAddendumNotesDownload
06/29/2023IFB 33603IFB 33603 – OQU Terminal Demolition – Quonset State Airport

A public mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting and site visit for prospective bidders will be conducted at Quonset State Airport, Flight Level Aviation, 150 Airport Street, Second Floor Conference Room, North Kingstown, Rhode Island on June 13, 2023 at 1:00 PM. Attendance for the Pre-Bid Conference will be taken promptly at 1:00 P.M., and all parties will be required to state their name and the name of their firm. A Site Visit will follow at the conclusion of the Pre-Bid Meeting, for those who are interested.

Solicitations Coming Soon

OQU – Quonset State Airport – Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) – Construction
Landscaping, Maintenance & Irrigation Control Services
HVAC Controls Maintenance Services
Old Terminal Demolition – Quonset State Airport
Apron Reconstruction – North Central State Airport
Fire Department Management Software
Backup Power & Water Design Services
Land Acquisition & Relocation Services
On-Call Graphic Design Services

Bid Abstracts

Opening DateNumberDescriptionDownload
04/27/2023IFB 33623IFB 33623 – International Refuse and Disposal ServicesDownload
03/24/2023IFB 33604Runway 16-34 Reconstruction – Quonset State AirportDownload
01/26/2023IFB 33427HVAC Air FiltersDownload
03/10/2023IFB 33601Wildlife Fence Installation, Replacement & Repair – Westerly State AirportDownload
02/27/2023IFB 33592Taxiway C Rehabilitation & Realignment ConstructionDownload
03/09/2023IFB 33600Terminal Apron Expansion Construction – Block Island State AirportDownload
03/03/2023IFB 33450Southside Site Work & Grading – ConstructionDownload
11/10/2022IFB 33240Potassium Acetate Deicing LiquidDownload
10/20/2022IFB 33241Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved Runway SandDownload
Avaya Phone System Support and Maintenance
10/13/2022IFB 32774RFirefighter Structural Protective ClothingDownload
07/20/2022IFB 32835Police Uniforms & AccessoriesDownload
07/21/2022IFB 32792Reupholster Terminal SeatingDownload
09/01/2022IFB 32765RPortable IncineratorsDownload
05/26/2022IFB 32679Caustic Soda 50%Download
05/19/2022IFB 32658Avaya Phone System Support and MaintenanceDownload
01/20/2022IFB 32171RFirefighting Protective Clothing Cleaning ServicesDownload
03/31/2022IFB 32240Storage Array (SAN) Replacement & MaintenanceDownload
03/31/2022IFB 32507Security Camera System Phase II ConstructionDownload
02/05/2020IFB 30032Airport Operations & Maintenance UniformsDownload
02/28/2020IFB 30031Canopy Improvements – CANCELLEDDownload
04/21/2020IFB 30503International Refuse & Disposal ServicesDownload
05/14/2020IFB 30581Automotive CMMSDownload
05/14/2020IFB 30580Avaya Phone System Support & MaintenanceDownload
05/20/2020IFB 26345Reconstruct Aircraft Parking Ramp and Rehabilitate Taxiway BDownload
06/09/2020IFB 30305Runway 16-34 ReconstructionDownload
06/12/2020IFB 30663Terminal Restrooms Renovation – CANCELLED
06/12/2020IFB 30622Repair & Preventative Maintenance of Airport Parking GaragesDownload
07/13/2020IFB 30110Northwest Hangar Door ModificationsDownload
08/04/2020IFB 30767DPF Regeneration PadDownload
08/12/2020IFB 30776Asbestos Abatement – QuonsetDownload
08/12/2020IFB 30832AFFF FoamDownload
08/18/2020IFB 30663RTerminal Restrooms Renovation RebidDownload
09/11/2020IFB 31013Lot E & Intersection ImprovementsDownload
10/16/2020IFB 31148Towable Electric GeneratorDownload
10/28/2020IFB 31101HP SAN Support – No Bids
10/30/2020IFB 31202Firefighter Written TestingDownload
11/06/2020IFB 31237Baby Grand PianoDownload
12/22/2020IFB 31345Firefighting Thermal Imaging CameraDownload
11/23/2020IFB 31235Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) ReplacementDownload
12/14/2020IFB 31304Helicopter Maintenance ServicesDownload
01/05/2021IFB 27615Hangar Electrical UpgradesDownload
02/04/2021IFB 31411Electric Golf Carts – No Bids
02/11/2021IFB 31397Caustic Soda 50%Download
02/19/2021IFB 31436UUU Threshold Displacement & Pavement Marking ModificationsDownload
04/21/2021IFB 31571Wildlife Fence Installation, Replacement and Repair – SFZDownload
04/23/2021IFB 31605Rapid Response System – UpgradeDownload
04/23/2021IFB 31567Wayfinding SignageDownload
04/26/2021IFB 31581Terminal Apron Rehabilitation – Block Island State AirportDownload
06/16/2021IFB 31667ARFF Kitchen Renovations – Cancelled
07/19/2021IFB 31666Carbon Media Odor Control SystemDownload
07/19/2021IFB 31669Wafer Sweeper BrushesDownload
07/29/2021IFB 31764Reflective Glass BeadsDownload
10/01/2021IFB 32168Snow Removal ServicesDownload
10/15/2021IFB 31815RAirport Sign UpdatesDownload
10/22/2021IFB 31668Two Way Radio Equipment, Installation, and ServiceDownload
11/03/2021IFB 32216Electric Golf CarsDownload
12/10/2021IFB 32238Air Emissions InventoryDownload
03/18/2022IFB 32506Public Address System ReplacementDownload