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Badging Procedures

The Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) identification badge process consists of several steps. Please review the section below that relates to the badge you are applying for (New, Renewal, or Visitor). Once your paperwork is submitted, the mandatory security training video will explain the program and your responsibilities as a badge holder. Please review our badging fees and refund policy

If you need additional help, please contact the Badging Office at [email protected].


New Badge Application

Complete the Security Badge Application and Fingerprint Application. 
Please refer to the Security Badge Application Instructions. Submit the original signed forms to the Airport Badging Office prior to your appointment.

  1. Security Badge Applications Instructions
  2. Security Badge Application and Fingerprint Application

Schedule a fingerprint appointment with the Airport Badging Office by clicking here.

When coming in for your appointment, please bring two forms of original identification (see list of acceptable documents). Copies cannot be accepted. Your employer will be notified when your fingerprints have cleared.

Schedule your Security Identification Display Area Training (SIDA) or Sterile Access Training with the Airport Badging Office by clicking here.

SIDA training can only be completed after all background check results are received from the controlling authority. SIDA or Sterile Area Training is mandatory for all access badges.

If required, schedule drivers training. If drivers training is not required, you will receive your badge when you complete your SIDA and/or Sterile Access training.

Schedule your Driver Training Appointment with the Airport Badging Office by clicking here.

Your employer will advise you if you need driver training. The Airport Operations Department conducts the driver training class.

Driver training is held in the Training Center located across from the Airport Badging Office. You will receive your badge after completing the class.

Renewals / Modifications

Schedule your renewal appointment by clicking here.

Bring the completed badge renewal form to the Airport Badging Office within two weeks of the expiration date on your badge. If you need to change the information related to your badge, please complete and return the change of information form.


Visitors must fill out the yellow portion of the visitor badge application and send it to the tenant that is requesting the badge on your behalf. The tenant will be notified once the badge is available.